Shipping and Returns Policy

Cancellations, Exchange & return policy:

You may cancel, exchange, and return the ordered products as follows:

If You want to return a product please You may contact Ezexpo Support by sending email to, You will be served after you provide the needed information with (i.e. your order number). You will be provided with information regarding the possibility and methods of such return.

You will be provided with information regarding the possibility and methods thereof of such return.

In case You cancelled the order after 48 hours from accepting the order and before the order delivery date by one day, with no extra charges We shall have the right to deduct a rental fee from the amount that the You have paid for the products from the time of confirming the order by You until the cancellation date.

In case of returning a product after the expiry of the rental term, and after inspection it became apparent to US upon our sole discretion that it is not in the same condition that was delivered to You, We shall have the right to keep the insurance amount.

In case of exchanging the products due to issue related to Us, the products will be exchanged within two hours without any extra cost.

In the event that You fail to return the rented product/s We shall have the right to charge You with an amount equal to the rent amount × 4 without notice.

In the event the You fail to make the wire transfer for the rent amount of the product and send evidence of such transfer within 24 hours of the time of placing the order; We shall have the right to cancel Your order.


We can ship to locations that are published on the Website which will be updated from time to time.

When You place an order, we will calculate the estimated shipping and delivery date for You based on your order and your location. However, You can still contact us in case you require earlier delivery date, but this will impact the final cost of shipping.

Please also note that the shipping rates for many products we sell/rent are dimension-based. The dimensions of any such products can be found on its detail page.